Top Vendors To Buy Provigil Online

Where to buy Provigil online?

Buying products from the online is not a tedious process, though it is simple and very easy too. Buying the prescription-only drugs such as Provigil online is not that easy, you need to be more skeptical about choosing the online pharmacy.

These days you need not be a skeptic on choosing the right online pharmacy. The good news is, there is a simple way that is to acquire this wakefulness-promote drug online.

Anyhow you need to check some certain factors before heading to purchase Modafinil. And this is what this article is going to reveal.

So now I will take you step by step procedure to how to buy Provigil drugs from an online pharmacy, without being cheated by the online vendors. To begin this, I just want to say something about where these drugs are being come from.

What is Provigil?

Provigil is also known as  Modafinil was originally by a neurophysiologist in France. It was developed in the late 1970’s and it comes to experimental purpose in 1986 for narcolepsy. Now the drug manufacturing companies selling this drug around the world in the name of Modafinil.

Modafinil is the generic form of the brand Provigil. It is been used to treat excessive sleepiness which is caused by the sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder etc. All the active components are same but the thing is due to patent issues the drug manufacturing companies are being produced in the name of Modafinil instead of Provigil.

Who sells the Provigil (Modafinil)?


Sun Pharma and HAB pharma companies are involved in the manufacturing process if Modafinil drugs. You may have the doubt that what is the big difference between these two?

Uh, well sun pharma has been in the market for over the ten years. They have their own reputation for being selling the drugs. The fact, Sun Pharma is the only pharma company that is permitted to sell their drug in the United States market. Because of their reputation and the track records their Provigil cost is much higher compared to the HAB pharma.

Since HAB is the new company to the pharmacy market. They don’t have any approval to sell their drugs in the United States market.

What are the available flavors of Provigil?

If you visit or approach any online pharmacies you will be ended by seeing the two different forms of Provigil.

One form is Modafinil and the other is Armodafinil. Both the forms are almost having the same effects on the body. But the chemical components would be differing. The Modafinil is the pure form of Provigil, whereas the Armodafinil has 50/50 mixture.

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Vendors that sell Provigil online

As stated above certain things that you need to validate before going for the purchase. Because online shopping is such that tricky and safety is more important.

So directly I will provide you the checklist on how to validate the online vendors before making the purchase.

Certain countries such as Canada, German and some others have the strict policies over the drugs. So, they won’t permit the vendors to the import the drugs. No any other options so you have to look for the other vendors who are ready to ship to your country.

I will display you the seven parameters to validate the vendors and am sure that is going to help you to buy Provigil from the trusted vendors.

  • Online portal navigation
  • Customer support
  • License
  • Payment methods
  • Return policies
  • Cost


Modapharma is one of the very few Modafinil vendors who are ready to ship the medicines to any part of the world. Once you place the order Provigil online from them then you no need to get worried about the shipment. They give you the assurance of risk-free shipments on all orders worldwide and the product would reach your destination on average of 6 working days.

Once you place the order then you will be provided with the tracking number where you can easily keep track your order in real time. Reshipment would be free of cost if the product is not delivered to you within the stipulated time.

Additionally, this Modafinil vendor provides the 3rd party lab certificate of analysis which ultimately means it is safe to use the medication. This is an extra safety measurement on the Modafinil medication you can’t get any counterfeit pills.

They have the excellent refund policy on all orders; if the customer feels discomfort on their service they refund the money completely without any deductions.



AfinilExpress has the user-friendly online portal navigation. They have all the versions of Modafinil which is manufactured by the well-established drug companies. The customer support team works round the clock to assist the people in friendly approach. It means, unlike others you don’t need to wait for days to get any sort of help from them.

They have the two different payment modes such as credit cards and bitcoins. Flat 20% offer on all orders when paying for the orders through bitcoins and other alternative coins like Ethereum, ripple, litecoin etc. Express shipping would be the added advantage for them since they ship almost most part of the world.

Reshipment or a full refund will be provided in case if the product is lost or the package is damaged in the customs etc. has the excellent user interface portal. The biggest advantage of this vendor is that they tend to offer free express shipping worldwide through various high-end shipping carriers.

They have the tracking facility on your order so you can able to track the status of your order in real time. 30% offer would be provided when ordering Modafinil using cryptocurrency.

The excellent customer support works 24/7 to assist you friendly manner with any sort of queries. This Modafinil vendor won’t let you down on the price factor since they guarantee for the Modafinil medication with the lower prices.

Since the vendor is selling the Modafinil drug at the cheaper price so that you can get the considerable amount of discount of purchasing this smart drug. You can also be enjoying the reduction in the price by ordering bulk or through coupons.


Modafinilstar is another website to buy Provigil online.  It is been on the market for more than 2 years. Modafinilstar is just providing the free shipping along with the tracking facilities and all it has been done within 24 hours after placing the order.

The customer support team which they carry is amazing with the quick responses and even they also provide refunds or reshipments, no matter the order is.


So from the above statements, you have the clear idea about buying Provigil online. I hope the information provided above definitely help you. Anyhow if the vendor where you approach doesn’t have the option of shipping then you could find the one that suits you.

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