How cheap is Modafinil in comparison with Provigil?

Provigil vs. ModafinilProvigil is the brand name under which the drug Modafinil was first introduced. The Provigil price was quite expensive for many years till the expiry of patent rights. Now one can easily get Modafinil under other trade names at a much lower price. Patients who require the wakefulness-promoting drug to improve their health condition do not have to worry much about the cost. There are many ways in which one can buy Provigil at an affordable rate. Modafinil is still cheaper though and a quick research of online pharmacies would help one to assess just how vast the price difference is. You can order for a strip of Modafinil tabs at a much-reduced price over that of Provigil.

Why is Modafinil cheaper than Provigil?

Modafinil can definitely be bought cheap. Here’s why it is available at a better price than the Provigil medication. The company that launched Provigil held the patent rights to the formula as they spent huge amounts on research and development, as well as marketing. This is not an easy task and having the pricing power helps recover the associated expenses. Even with or without insurance the cost of Provigil was too much to bear. Hundreds of dollars had to be spent for just one strip of tabs. With the patent expiry for Provigil, a number of pharma companies started manufacturing generic Provigil. Since the competition is very high, Modafinil is available at very cheap rates and are more affordable to many.

Modafinil vs Provigil – Price differences

The price for a single unit Provigil 100 mg pill costs around $50 and the 200 mg pill costs around $76 per unit. The general cost of Provigil in either dosage can range from $500 to around $1000 for just the quantity of 15 pills. On the other hand, one can get Modafinil 100 mg for about $16 per unit and Modafinil 200 mg for about $14 per unit. In comparison, Provigil costs more than twice the price of Modafinil. The pricing differences given are only an estimate as the price varies between different pharma companies. Paying for the drugs by cash or with insurance cover will also add to the cost difference. Some insurance companies may not cover the cost of brand pills or may provide payment assistance only after the cover limit has been reached.

How to buy Provigil at a cheaper rate?

There are ways in which one can get Provigil at a very cheap price and it is possible to do so even though it is the brand version. Select any reputed Provigil online pharmacy after ensuring that the portal is genuine and offers only the authentic medications. Choose the discounts or price factor which suits your healthcare budget best and get the prescription filled. You can also make use of Provigil coupons so that the total amount will be reduced.  Modafinil generic can also be availed at attractive prices when using an online pharmacy. So not only would you getting the pills cheaper than that of Provigil but also at a price lower than that of Modafinil at brick-and-mortar drugstores.