User experiences after taking Provigil

Provigil User Reviews

“Buying Provigil improved my concentration” – Mark

For quite some time I’ve not been able to concentrate at work due to excessive daytime sleepiness issues, a feeling that was so intense comparable to those who slept probably after staying awake for two whole days. This was despite the fact that I had adequate sleep at night. Moreover, I also had this feeling of drowsiness and tiredness throughout the day, part of me always wanting to take a short nap in between whenever I found time. This was affecting my performance at work. I was not able to complete my work on time and it was also difficult meeting office deadlines.  A friend then recommended me that I buy Provigil. I did my research on the internet to understand the full implications of the drug, its effectiveness, side-effects and withdrawal symptoms. I was still skeptical but went ahead and tried the Provigil 200mg pill.  It worked like a charm. Buying Provigil improved my concentration. In a matter of few weeks I was able to recognize significant improvements in my lifestyle; I felt extremely active and was definitely able to impress my seniors to the extent that they even offered me a promotion.

“I was prescribed Provigil 200mg for narcolepsy” –Jane

I’ve been running my shoe business for quite some time. I’ve always felt tired and drowsy at work. I felt this was primarily due to work-related stress. Mostly I do stay awake late at night preparing proposals, scheduling meetings and planning budgets and so on. Recently though, I’ve been taking naps on and off frequently during the day. This has never happened before. Moreover, most of my co-workers also complain that I look tired and drowsy all the time. Being a boss and business owner, this is probably not the right image to portray to your employees. I also had this constant feeling of suffering from incomplete sleep throughout the day. In fact my issues with sleep disorder grew so great that I slept off completely unaware of the meeting that I had scheduled with an important client. I felt that I had hit the ceiling and needed to consult a doctor and explain my symptoms. He carefully listened to what I had to say about my issues. He then enlightened me to the fact that I may be suffering from an excessive sleep disorder called “narcolepsy.” He recommended that I take Provigil after reviewing my medical condition and medication history. I was prescribed Provigil 200mg to be taken once daily and was kept under constant review. After a few weeks, I noticed my energy levels take a big jump. Now I’ve been able to work efficiently and feel more enthusiastic about growing my business.

“The response rate with Provigil is definitely much higher”-Jack

I’m a copywriter by profession and my job revolves around writing all the time, be it proposals, landing pages, cold-emails and so on. I’ve noticed that I write better cold emails while on Provigil that enables me to meet new people. After being on Provigil for a while, I developed a strong sense of understanding and relationship with people, their interests and have also been accomplishing my goals alongside of generating leads for the business. The response rate with Provigil is definitely much higher and I’m in line next for a promotion based on the work that I’ve done. Getting Provigil prescribed was a life-changing decision for me