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About us buyprovigilrx.com

Hi, I am Alex Jerome and I am the owner of Buyprovigilrx.com. I have been providing advanced level medical information along with products in treating ADHD and pleasure of smart drugs so that I have created this website and been running for two years.

As the founder of this website buyprovigilrx.com, I have specialized in the assessment and treatment of adults with ADHD, Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD), and Narcolepsy problems. This is my main purpose to create this website to get to know the medication for their problems if they wouldn’t have to afford that much for consulting the doctor in person.

I have an experience of over 10 years in psychology and research experience in ADHD and molecular biology. I have a quite experience in congress organization and project management. I have the ability to transfer the complex medical and scientific concepts to explain to the audiences through a variety of media.

The information which is provided on this website is completely reviewed by Dr. Richard Castroitta MD professor of Internal medicine and pediatrics. He also had been the co-founder of this website and reviewing all the information which is regularly updated here. Dr. Richard Castoritta also serves as the Program Director in the renowned for the Sleep Medicine Fellowship at UT Health. He has also been part of Coordinating Committee for the UT Health Neurophysiology Fellowship.

I have spent ten years as the psychologist in the clinical center and last three years working as the author, medical advisor to people in person. I have to get involved myself to advises for the corporate clients and educational institutions in the various impact of technology on productivity, brain functioning, and interpersonal interaction.

Below are the some of my specialties that include:

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy
  2. Cognitive and Neuropsychological Evaluations
  3. Executive Coaching
  4. Child/Adolescent psycho-evaluations
  5. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

My Targeted areas of therapy I usually include:

  1. Adult ADHD
  2. Marital Discord
  3. Time Management
  4. Technology Overload
  5. Career Guidance
  6. Depression

Corporate Workshops

As I mentioned earlier I have associated with several corporate Workshops. Those have been very useful and create that great impact for the people who need to get rid out of the problems.

  • Attaining a Healthier Balance with Technology
  • Mental Efficiency through Mindful Meditation
  • Communicating for Success
  • Emotional Intelligence

Let’s get you Healthy!

Buyprovigilrx.com is a worldwide Online Provigil Dispensary, which is emerged in market that specifically sells the Provigil and its generic medication.

Our Aim

Our main is to provide the medications at the cheapest price but no compromise in its quality. We provide superior quality of drugs supplied all over the world.

Our Users health is Important!

We always concern our customer’s health so we have the impeccable delivery system that delivers the medicine to the customers to the shortest possible time. We know the value of our loyal customers so that we strive to protect our customer’s personal information when they are giving while checking out. We can give guarantee for your privacy while shopping with us. Our customer care team is always ready to help the customers with any sort of queries and they are working round the clock. Feel free to write all your queries to [email protected]