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Is it legal to purchase Provigil without prescription?

legal to purchase Provigil

Buying Provigil without Rx is illegal in the U.S. All of the online stores in the U.S. and almost all Canadian online pharmacies ask for an authorized prescription for Provigil/Modafinil before shipping the product. The recent mission of FDA to control counterfeit drugs has shown that Provigil ordered from online med stores that do not require you to provide a prescription might end up delivering fake or expired drugs that can harm you or even risk your life. Thus choose a legitimate online dispensary, consult the online doctor with regards to buy Provigil Rx.

Know if it is legal to purchase Provigil in your country

Being safe is taking care that you do not go against the laws of your country and end up in prison. Provigil is by and large a prescription drug in most of the countries. However, some countries allow you to order the pills even without a prescription. Online dispensaries that sell Provigil with base in countries operating under such laws are authorized to sell Provigil without a prescription. However, if your country’s laws say that a prescription is mandatory for you to buy Provigil, it is likely that you are not going to receive Provigil 100mg that you have ordered as it may not clear customs.

Know your Provigil requirement before you place the order online

Certain countries allow you to import Provigil (Modafinil) for personal use. The law says that the residents are allowed to purchase Provigil for personal use but it is illegal to sell or commercialize Modafinil. You will be allowed to purchase Provigil that is required to meet your daily doses for less than or equal to three months. To make yourself financially secure, make sure that you choose an online dispensary that has agreed to refund the bill amount if the package has not been delivered or ceased at the borders of your country.

Verifying quality of Provigil when buying without prescription

When getting Provigil online, it is a quality assured and cost-effective product when you order from a reputed med store. Such an online dispensary would ask for a prescription before delivering Provigil. When you order Provigil (Modafinil) from fake med stores they don’t ask for a prescription or provide cheaper rates than authorized online dispensaries. To differentiate the two kinds, take a look at the reviews stating the customer satisfaction and quality assurance track record.

You can also Choose to order Modafinil cheap – Generic forms of Provigil

Modafinil is the generic version of Provigil, it has the same effect as that of the brand version. You can order Modafinil cheap available at online dispensaries at lowest rates than Provigil. You must know that buying a controlled substance without prescription can leave you with a huge penalty or imprisonment. Buying and using Modafinil even for the cognitive effects, without the consent and supervision of a qualified physician can have dangerous side effects, which is why it is better to consult the doctor for the prescription.

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