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Modafinil Dosages – 100mg, 200mg or 400mg. Which One Should I Take?

provigil Dosage

If you have a prescription for Modafinil or have decided to take the drug for a specific health condition knowing which dose to take can be very useful. The right Provigil dosage can ensure that the drug effective for you in overcoming your problem of excessive sleepiness, aiding shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) or managing ADHD.

There are also those who may want to use Provigil without prescription for its smart drug capabilities. Here too, it is important to know to right dosage to take before popping the Modafinil pill as otherwise, you can end having trouble falling asleep or other such side effects or the dose may not be strong enough for your body type at all. You can use this article as guidance to choose a suitable modafinil dose. Ultimately, it is your healthcare provider who can guide you best on the right Modafinil dosage. Try to start with the minimal dose first and see how your body reacts to the drug before hiking it up to a higher dose.

Modafinil Dosage Level

Dosage level for ADHD

Modafinil is used off-label by many physicians in the treatment of ADHD as it helps improve cognitive function, focus, and concentration. The dose for patients with this condition is best decided by the prescribing physician. The Modafinil dosage level is different in children from that of adults. The strength of the tablet would also depend on the severity or frequency of the disorder, which is assessed by the doctor.

Modafinil 100mg

This dose is suitable for those diagnosed with narcolepsy and they can take one Modafinil 100mg pill soon after waking up. This is also the commonly prescribed dose and can be easily ordered through an online dispensary. Some persons may feel that splitting Modafinil 100mg dose and taking it as 50 mg doses twice a day works better for them. Just remember that the later Modafinil is taken in the day the more probability of it interfering with sleep. Being overstimulated when you are ready to wind up your day and sleep is not a nice feeling.

Modafinil 200mg

Modafinil 200mg is commonly used in those who experience circadian rhythm sleep disorders and cannot manage their body’s waking and sleeping hours. This dose may also be taken by those who do not find modafinil 100mg to be all that effective for them.

400 mg Modafinil

This is the highest Provigil dose that is also the maximum dose recommended for a day and it is best to let the doctor decide if the 400 mg Modafinil is suitable for you or not. Any adverse reactions also would then be under the supervision of your healthcare provider.

Few precautions with Modafinil Dosage use

Taking the right Modafinil Dosage matters much as it helps to prevent certainly avoidable side effects. It is also imperative to take the drug at a suitable time early in the day so that it does not interfere with sleep at night. With these considerations, it can be safely taken.


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