Ordering Information

We request our customers to read this section very carefully before ordering Provigil pills.

Note: This is the order page. If you have something that you need to write us use our contact us page or simply email us to support@buyprovigilrx.com

How to make an Order for Provigil?

To make your order, select your desired dosage level and also the required number of pills. Add those items to the cart. Now enter all the necessary information like full name and real address to avoid suspicion. Proceed to checkout and select the appropriate payment details. Usually, we have the following payment details.

Once we received your order, we will send you an email with regards to confirmation of your order within few minutes or 24 hours maximum. After the payment you order will be packaged and shipped to the provided address discreetly.

We do not take responsibility for the undelivered packages with the false name and address. On the whole, our systems are designed with the guarantee safe, secure and discreet delivery of all the packages and we have 99.98% of successful delivery rate.

We have the current payment options that are listed below.

  • Western Union
  • E-check
  • Master Card

Western Union

Never used Western Union before? No worries here we can assist you to help pay for your medication using this payment method. With the Western Union payment either you can do cash payment at any of the western union locations or simply just by paying using the debit/credit card.

How to send money via Western Union

There are many ways to send the money with the Western Union: Online, By Phone or mobile app etc.

Online: Using online Western Union, you can easily pay for your order. Using mobile app or directly online, register for free account or login for your profile. You can pay with your bank account or a credit or debit card which allows you to send money to the other bank account for your order. Once we received your payment we’ll send you an email confirmation of your order along with the tracking number.

Through Phone call: Are you not at home? No issues. Once you place your order with all your information our representatives will call you and walk you through the payment. All you need is credit or debit card which has the facility to send the money worldwide.

western unionE-check

E-check is one of the currently trending payment methods. Eventually, an e-check is also known to be electronic check which is the kind of online payment where the amount is withdrawn electronically from the customer’s account and transferred over ACH account and pay for your order.

How to use e-check when buying Provigil from online?

Okay now, all you want to do is place a Provigil order and choose the payment methods. From multiple options click on the E-check and then fill all the required information (bank number, account number, bank name etc.) complete successfully your online Provigil order.

You should be more cautious when you are about to fill your Account number and bank name. You can see those normally at the bottom of the checks. Typically, your account number would be the 8-digit number and in some cases, its length may vary.

Therefore, the customer should be more aware that those sources of payments are never deducting the amount from the saving/checking accounts.

e checkMaster Card

Master Card is another type of payment method that is been used by many of our customers. Master Card is well known and that is being used worldwide for the online payment purpose. Make sure that you have enough credit in your account before heading to placing the order.

Procedures to pay online with a master card

Once you have done on the checkout page, you need to enter the pieces of information to complete the process.

Enter your delivery Address

Enter your shipping address clearly in the given space and you will the calculated amount of shipping price and update your purchase total. Ensure that you’ve entered your delivery address correctly where you want the order is shipped.

Select Master card as a mode of your payment.

There will be an option what type of card you are using, the select master card from the option to make over the further process. In case if you are not able to access your master card encounter this issues to our support by contacting or send us mail. Our customer care representatives will help to govern the payment process.

Enter your details

Keep looking at your card to verify that you’ve entered your name without any mistake. Enter your card details like card number, expiration date, and security code. Also, enter your 3-digit card number that is printed on the back side of the card.

Enter the billing address

The billing address should be entered as per in the master card correctly to get your transaction go through. Check your master card statement if you’re not sure of the exact billing address.


The payments which are done here is completely safe and anonymous.

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